Why does gold sell over spot price?

The spot price of gold, silver or other metals is indicative. Various coins, ingots and other ingot-derived products will be sold for varying quantities above the spot price depending on a number of factors, such as product, minting, relative scarcity, year and dealer profit margin. Almost all online gold bullion traders publish live gold spot prices quoted in real time on their website, usually in their local currency (e.g., silver has greater industrial use than gold), meaning that the premium on the spot price of silver may be more volatile. With this type of leverage, many gold investors (probably including the governments of China and Russia) believe that the true discovery of gold bullion prices is still a long way off in today's market.

Another way of saying it is that when you buy gold coins at the current spot price of gold, you are paying a price that actually represents that expectation of future value, rather than the actual momentary price of a physical transaction. Look for a reputable coin dealer or bullion dealer who can provide a certificate of authenticity and a chart of the spot price of gold to see the variations in the price of gold above the spot. Generally, at online gold bullion merchants in the United States, the gold bullion products available for purchase and delivery are priced per troy ounce of gold. Similarly, the price of gold at which you sell gold coins or ingots is based on the same calculation of the current spot price of gold.

We produce, purchase and sell products in gold bars for discrete and fully insured delivery to the door or to fully insured, segregated and professional non-bank storage facilities at prices slightly higher than the fluctuating spot price of gold. Dollars, so silver is always quoted at a price per ounce of silver, while gold is quoted at a price per troy ounce of gold. When you visit the website of an online gold bullion dealer such as JMBullion, you are likely to see the live spot price of gold quoted all over the website. Although often no commodity in the real world is physically traded, the “price discovery” of trading gold futures contracts determines fluctuations in spot gold prices in several fiat currencies around the world, including the spot price of all-fiat gold in U.S.

dollars. Many bullion dealers offer silver starter packs containing 10 to 20 ounces of silver at the spot price. In fact, declines in the current price may be a reason to buy more gold if you believe that long-term trends are still bullish.